Eyes That Know Me

I know nothing of any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

ola 2010
2009 was a funny, funny year. 

But 2010 is here and I've never felt this good about a year like I do about 2010. I feel good things a-coming esp for the people around me. There's something in the air of 2010 that brings out the absolute optimist in me, it's disgusting. But enough with the sad love stories, this year it's gonna be solely about me. It's gonna be about ambition and it's gonna be about dreams. Time to build up something and work towards it. No more romantic entanglements please. So cupid, be kind and stop shooting arrows. It's getting old. 

The last two months of '09 were spent working my not so little butt off. It was crazy tiring but I didn't mind cos the Duckies made it so fun at work. I'm gonna miss them so much when school starts. X'mas Countdown@Orchard and NYE Countdown@Marina Bay were definitely the highlights of work these 2 months. But my heart is definitely there, at Duck Bay. 

So what's new in the love life? Nothing - and that's the way I like it for now. 

School starts in 3 days, and I'm excited. But I'm definitely gonna miss my holidays, & my duckies. They really made Nov/Dec a time to remember. 

can you say, holiday?
Two months of pure joy, oh loves. 

Papers were all good, I'm pretty confident that I'll do good. Friggin' finally I can enjoy my holidays in peace. This time, the holidays will consist of working and saving up, a trip with <3L when she comes back, CHRISTMAS<333, NYE and plenty of other things. Hopefully HK too if all goes well. I feel light as a feather. I can finally plan my days according to what I wanna do. Read my books, get a tan.. the usual holiday to-do's. But this time, I wanna make it good. I wanna make it sweet, simple, carefree & memorable. Work's gonna be pretty good too with Christmas Light-Up tours coming up. 

I finally feel myself moving along. Life's picking up and I no longer feel stuck. Normality's slowly easing it's way in. Though it feels foreign, it's a good foreign feeling. Normality; in accordance with familiarity. These two are enough to keep me lifted for awhile now. 

lazy sundays
I absolutely love lazy sundays. Sleep in, sleep in, wake up to eat and sleep. Now I'm gonna get ready and have Starbucks. That's gonna be perfect. Some hot white chocolate mocha, mmm. Anyway, two papers down, one more to go! Accounting paper was much better than I expected. I think most of us came out of it feeling quite relieved. Haha. Anyway, Econs this Weds. And after that, holidayyyyyyyyyyys! Which means, Christmas is a-comin'! Speaking of, I'm doing the opening for Christmas Light-Up tours. Damn scary, but it's gonna be fun.. I hope. This year I feel like doing more of Christmas. Definitely gonna be in Singapore for V's party, and I feel like decorarting my room or sth. We'll see, heh. 

Enjoy your sunday evening everyone!

are you lightning?
 These sleepless nights are really starting to take a toll on me. Slept at 4 last night, woke up at 7 and my eyes were horribly swollen. I was scared shitless. Had Marketing paper at 10 which btw I felt really good about! Do-able, didn't stump at any question. Anyway, headed home and decided to take a nap before meeting the bestfs in town. 4-6pm nap, not so productive. Kept drifting in and out of slumber. It's annoying really. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in days. I now suffer a massive headache and swollen eyes, tsk. Town with the bestfs was good though! Well needed Starbucks and company of those girls. 

It's exam period now kids! Marketing paper down, 2 more to go! Accounting on Sat, Macroecons on Weds.

Wish me luck! 

cry me a river.
told me you loved me, why did you leave me all alone?
now you tell me that you need me, when you call me on the phone
boy i refuse, you must have me confused with some other girl
bridges will burn, now it's your turn to cry.

like a meteor

I know not of any certainty,
but the sight of the stars makes me dream

Like everyone else, I come with a small but significant level of skepticism. When I stumbled upon that quote above, I thought about how just the simplicity of the sight of stars makes you wanna dream. Though in sg, you don't really get that magnificant view of a blanket of stars unless you lie down in a cemetery and look up. But when do you get to see it, think about that feeling you get. A kinda serene ambition, a silent, calm motivation that makes you wanna reach up and touch the sky. You feel like anything in the world is possible. I wish I could get to see that every night. It would be nice to have a daily motivation, something to remind you that anything, anything at all is possible. 

 when the stars all go home,
i won't fight to be known 
i will listen for your voice
that calls me home


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Kambings Jalan Raya '09

I've missed these girls, it was one happy day.

dear life

For my part, I know nothing of any certainty
But the sight of the stars makes me dream

Whoa I haven't posted here in ages. I've been active on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook though. Nonetheless I miss herthievery.lj. For those of you who actually do read my LJ, I've been doing good. Life's been kinda quiet, but I'd have it no other way. I've been indulging in school and work. Can't express enough how much I love school, and I'm still wondering why I didn't take up business earlier. I've got high aims and expectations for school this time round. It feels really good to actually know you're on the right path of something, and to actually see yourself progressing and doing well at it. When I was in poly, it was so degrading to not be doing well all the time. 

Apart from school, life itself has been bittersweet. Probably going back to HK this Nov/Dec, yeaaaaaah. This time we're gonna head to Macau for the casinos.. blackjack baby! Then in Jan I might be signing up to do a 2 month overseas study at London School of Econs (LSE). That's gonna be freakin' fantastic. Anddddddd, in Jun/Jul I'm gonna fly down to Melb to see my L<3. Prolly gonna spend 2 weeks there. This has all been talked out with the mother, so things look good! We'll see how it goes. I wanna travel as much next year, can't stand being in Singapore for another minute. 

Hope life's been treating everyone else good :) 


No Doubt, BEP & BEYONCE :D friggin' mind-blasting epic shit!

And today, I'm staying home to recover from a crazy awesome weekend. 


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